server configuration

Mana server Configuration

Note: This article is about setting up your own the Mana server, either for testing purposes or because you want to provide an alternative to the official server.
To get support about setting up a TmwAthena server, please have a look at The Mana World wiki.

There are several steps to achieve this:

Running the Mana server

Note: you can use the --config option to set where your manaserv.xml file is located. E.g.: manaserv-game --config /path/to/my/manaserv.xml

Tip: Type manaserv-account --help and manaserv-game --help to get the list of available options.

Making yourself a GM

This assumes that you are using sqlite as database backend (default) and that your accountname is "MyAccount". When you use another database backend you should be able to use the same SQL statements but you will need different tools to run them. Giving GM rights to an account with a name different from "MyAccount" is an exercise left to the reader :)

For SQLite database users (default)

For MySQL database users

For PostgreSQL database users

FIXME: This is to be done.

Note: The level 255 means maximum rights. When you want to give selected people limited rights, refer to the permissions.xml file configuration.

Basic knowledge of SQL and how to use it is an important skill for a Mana server administrator.