The maps.xml file is used to each map files((.tmx - Tiled map editor format)) a unique ID, used by both the game and account server.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <map id="1" name="tulimshar"/>
    <map id="2" name="eastwoods"/>
    <map id="3" name="greathouse"/>

The maps xml format is very simple. A &lt;maps&gt; node must envelop &lt;map&gt; childnodes.
Each &lt;map&gt; node must have two required parameters:

Parameter name Type Description
id integer The map id used by both the account and the game server. Note that the id must be unique, and one of them has to correspond to the `char_startMap` and `respawnMap` id values in the [manaserv.xml]( file.
name string The name of the map file to be used when calling data with the corresponding the map ID. The filename is to be given without the file extension (.tmx or .tmx.gz), and is relative to the `data/maps` directory.