compile manaserv from source

Compilation of the Mana server


Here is how to set up a Mana server on a Linux/Unix system.

Be sure to get all the needed dependencies and corresponding headers((Headers are files used by developers ending with .h. They're obtained by installing the corresponding <package-name>-dev or -devel package files.)) before trying to compile.

Cloning and compiling

Start with cloning the Mana server from the Git repository and compile it. We're using the cmake build system:

$ git clone git:// manaserv $ cd manaserv $ cmake . $ make

N.B.: By default, the Mana server is compiled with Sqlite support, when willing to set it up with MySQL support, you'll have to replace the following command: $ cmake . with: $ cmake -DWITH_MYSQL=1 .

Note: The PostGreSQL support is planned for later but cannot be compiled at the moment.

Once this step is successful, you'll have to configure the server, or use the Mana server data given in the example/ folder provided along with the source code.


What you need

Compilation Instructions with Sqlite support

The accountserver.exe should now start, but complain about a database problem. Proceed to the "Configuration" section below to set up your database. After you created your database you can start the Mana server by starting both the account- and the gameserver.

Compilation with MySQL support

What you need in that case

Compilation Instructions


Once this is done, you may consider configuring your new server.