In order to ease the work of the Mana server's maintainers, several tools have been created and are in a continuous progress to lower the time and energy needed to do daily tasks, and such.

Tools for managing the client data

Here is a list of useful tools used to deal with client data, which is most visible thing you'll do for your players!


The Mana server and the Mana client are currently following the tmx format from Tiled: A generic 2D map editor.

Grab the latest release, and have a look at our mapping tutorial if you're new about how to create new maps.

TMX copy

TMX copy is a simple but efficient tool permitting to copy a map border to a another map. So, when you need a map well fitting the former one's border, use this tool and here you are! The tool can be downloaded here.

Have a look at our mapping tutorial if you're new about how to use it.


The dyecmd tool is a simple command-line based tool permitting to apply a dye channel to a dyeable image, and see immediately the result. Dyeable images are (roughly speaking) dynamic recolorations of gray-scale images, thus permitting to reuse the same sprite with different tons. This tool is located here and is compilable using Cmake.

Have a look at the dyeing system if you're new about it.


Particled is an attempt at bringing a particle editor while reusing the SDL particle engine used in the Mana client.

The source can be downloaded here, and a useful README on how to use it can be found here.

This editor is to be replaced sooner or later by Fairy Glow, a QT-based application alla Tiled.

Tools for managing updates data


adler32 is the simplest possible c implementation of the same-named algorithm. It is currently used to compute the checksum of the update files. This tool is located here and can be compiled using this command with gcc, for instance: gcc -o adler32 -c adler32.c -lz

Then, type adler32 to get the corresponding adler checksum.


This php page is used to dynamically analyse what files are contained the zip files of your update folder, and also which are obsolete.

This tool is located here.

FIXME: Precise how to use it.

Tools to manage the servers


The monitor application a simple Qt-based monitor for the Mana server.

This tool is located here.

FIXME: Precise how to use it.