Client and server ports

Mana Client

The Mana Client has currently only nightlies and a beta port for Windows. See here for downloading it.

You can also see the ports page from the Mana World wiki, which is technically the previous and latest stable version of the current Mana client.

Mana Server

The Mana official server hasn't any port yet. You'll have to obtain and install all the dependencies and get the source code and compile it for now.

Willing to make a new port?

You don't find the port you wanted to download and you're willing to make a port? Thank you for this. :)

You should have a look at making an new release and come and get in contact on IRC!

We'll gladly do our best to provide help and feedback.

If you don't like IRC or can't get the time to go to it, don't hesitate to come on the forums.