The npcs.xml files is used to display and animates the non-playable-characters (NPC) the player will interact with while in-game.

Here is an example of the npcs.xml file:

  <npc id="180"><sprite>npcs/npc-savannahman.xml</sprite></npc><!-- Blue Savannah Man with idle animation -->
  <npc id="181"><sprite variant="81">npcs/npc.xml</sprite></npc><!-- Green Savannah Man -->
  <npc id="182"><sprite variant="82">npcs/npc.xml</sprite></npc><!-- Young archer -->
  <npc id="183"><sprite variant="83">npcs/npc.xml</sprite></npc><!-- Skeleton man -->
  <npc id="184"><sprite variant="84">npcs/npc.xml</sprite></npc><!-- Doctor (10) -->
  <npc id="185"><!-- Evil Obelisk -->
    <sprite variant="44">npcs/npc.xml</sprite>
  <npc id="200">

The id parameter is mapping the NPCs to the client system.

The sprite and particlfx childnodes are following the sprite system and the particle system specifications.
Note: The variant parameter to the sprite tag is equally in function as the index parameter.

See this section for more information.