hair.xml and colors.xml

The colors.xml and hair.xml files are used to dynamically dye a sprite image (for characters hair, notably ) using a pre-defined dye channel.

Here is a description of the different parameters of this file:

Colors parameters

Here is a colors.xml file sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <color id="0" value="#8c4b41,da9041,ffffff" name="light brown"/>
  <color id="1" value="#06372b,489e25,fdedcc" name="green"/>
  <color id="2" value="#5f0b33,91191c,f9ad81" name="red"/>
  <color id="3" value="#602486,934cc3,fdc689" name="purple"/>
  <color id="4" value="#805e74,c6b09b,ffffff" name="gray"/>
  <color id="5" value="#8c6625,dab425,ffffff" name="yellow"/>
  <color id="6" value="#1d2d6d,1594a3,fdedcc" name="blue"/>
  <color id="7" value="#831f2d,be4f2d,f8cc8b" name="brown"/>
  <color id="8" value="#432482,584bbc,dae8e5" name="light blue"/>
  <color id="9" value="#460850,611967,e7b4ae" name="dark purple"/>
  <color id="10" value="#000000,202020,404040,dddddd" name="black"/>
Parameter Value type Description
id Integer Color ID used by the client for internally store the color.
name string Color name displayed in the client when necessary.
value string
([dye channel](image_dyeing_system) format)
Color channel using the format `#\&lt;channel1\&gt;,\&lt;channel2\&gt;,\&lt;channel3\&gt;`,...
See the dye System for more information.