chat commands

Chat commands

The Manasource server reacts on the following chat commands when a player enters them. The commands which are available to different user groups can be set in permissions.xml.

Implemented and working

@announce Sends a chat message to all characters in the game
@attribute Changes the character attributes of a character
[@ban](chat_commands/ban) Bans the character and all characters on the same account from the game
@charwarp Warps a character
[@craft](chat_commands/craft) Attempts to craft something
[@die](chat_commands/die) Kills the own character
[@drop](chat_commands/drop) Drops a stack of items on the ground at your current location
@effect Spawns an effect defined inside of [effects.xml]( on the map
@getpos Gets the position of a character
[@givepermission](chat_commands/givepermission) Gives a permission class to the account a character belongs to
[@goto](chat_commands/goto) Teleports you to the location of another character
[@help](chat_commands/help) Lists all available commands or a detailed help for a command
[@item](chat_commands/item) Creates a number of items in the inventory of a character
[@kick](chat_commands/kick) Disconnects the client of a character from the game
[@kill](chat_commands/kill) Kills a character
[@killmonsters](chat_commands/killmonsters) Kills all monsters on the map
@log Logs a message to the GM log
@logsay Says something in public chat and logs it to the GM log at the same time (analogue to @t on tmwAthena)
@money Changes the money a character possesses
@mute Makes it impossible for a character to chat for a while
[@recall](chat_commands/recall) Teleports another character to your location
@reload Makes the server reload all configuration files
[@rights](chat_commands/rights) Tells you your current permissions
[@spawn](chat_commands/spawn) Creates a number of monsters near your location
@skills Lists all skills of a character and their values
[@takepermission](chat_commands/takepermission) Takes a permission class from the account a character belongs to
[@warp](chat_commands/warp) Teleports your character to a different location in the game world
[@where](chat_commands/where) Tells you your location in the game world

Implemented but not doing anything

@history Shows the last transactions
@report Sends a bug or abuse reports to the server administration


Command Planned function
@exp Gives or takes experience from a skill of a character
@invisible Toggles visibility of a character to others
@combat Toggles no-combat mode (character can not attack or be attacked and is ignored by monsters)
@whogm Returns a list of people online with GM rights
@wgm Sends a private message to all people with GM rights
@localannounce Sends a chat message to all characters in the game
@kiiill Kills a character accompanied by a very satisfying special effect
@fx Triggers a special effect
@reportchat saves the chat history of the character on the server and returns an ID number for finding it later
@viewreportchat displays a saved chat history with an ID number
@removemonsters removes all monsters around the character without killing them (meaning that no exp will be rewarded and no loot will be dropped).
@gonext Warps the character to the next character who is online. (analogue to @hugo on tmwAthena)
@goprev Warps the character to the previous character who is online. (analogue for @linus on tmwAthena)
@ipcheck Returns a list of characters which were online with the same IP since last server restart.
@ipban Kicks every client connected from the specified IP address or subnet and refuses connection from it for a specified amount of time.
@wipe_items Removes all items and money from a character except quest-specific items (currently there is no way to define items as quest-specific). Should be possible when character is offline.
@wipe_level Sets all skill levels of a character to 0 (also affecting the base level) and resets the attributes to the starting configuration. Should be possible when character is offline.
@shutdown_this Shuts the current gameserver down
@shutdown_all Shuts the whole server complex down
@restart_this Restarts the current gameserver
@restart_all Restarts the whole server complex
@unban Remove a ban from the account of a character
@event Calls the on_event script function (which can be implemented by server administrator to do anything they want) with arbitary parameters