Visual configuration interface

Current Situation

Setting up and administrating a Mana server is currently a task which requires to learn a lot of knowledge. To create a server with really basic gameplay, a server administrator has to know how to edit various XML files, learn the LUA scripting language and some basic SQL. To make the learning curve mre newbie-friendly and also allow seasoned system administrators to perform simple changes more quickly, we should start a new project to create a configuration tool for the Mana server with a graphical user interface as soon as the configuration files have reached a stable state.

The goal is that an inexperienced user is able to set up a basic game world without having to edit any XML or LUA code by hand.


  • GUI-Based
  • Remote-capable (run the GUI on a client machine)
  • Capable of handling user with reduced privileges so that server admins can delegate tasks
  • Platform-independent
  • Can auto-generate updates on an update server

System administration

  • Overview of server network and its status
  • Basic Server, Network and database settings
  • Remote starting, stopping and restarting of servers

Database administration

GUI for viewing and manipulating the most important data in the database. Should hide the used database backend from the user.

  • User accounts
  • Characters
  • Global variables * …


  • Viewing and manipulating gameplay-related settings in manaserv.xml
  • Visual editor for configuration files like attributes.xml, equipment.xml, runes.xml and other gameplay configuration files.


  • Edit News.txt file
  • Edit MotD
  • Make global announcements
  • Schedule global announcements to be made at a later date or at regular intervals
  • Create and administrate public chat channels
  • Edit permission groups and their members
  • Assign permission groups to players (promoting and demoting game masters)
  • View GM transaction log


  • Viewing, editing, creating and removing items from items.xml
  • When removing an item, offer to also delete it from the inventory of every character in the database
  • Cross-integration with monster and NPC components to control drops and shop prices.


  • Viewing, editing, creating and removing monster types
  • When removing a monster, offer to also remove any spawn areas with this monster on maps


  • Assign maps to game servers
  • Add, deactivate and remove maps
  • Graphical “World Viewer” which auto-generates a world map from the warp connections defined in the map files.
  • Show active and inactive player population in the world viewer (maybe even allow statistical analysis of map population?)
  • Edit monster population and map properties
  • Integration of Tiled for opening and editing map files


  • Visual editor for simple shop NPCs
  • Visual editor for NPC dialog trees which auto-generates LUA code
  • Edit sourcecode of NPC scripts in an embedded text editor with syntax highlighting, syntax checking and auto completion for LUA (is there a usable 3rd party solution?)