The Mana server has the following features and capabilities:


  • Consists entirely of free, open source software (GPL v2)
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and several other operating systems((MacOS is officially unsupported for now. We need an OSX developer.))
  • Encrypted communication between the different server engines.
  • Several database supported (SQLite, MySQL, PostGreSQL)

Account engine

  • Chat system with slangs and spam filtering
  • Full featured equipment system.
  • Flexible configuration

Game Engine

  • Tiles to Pixel-based movement system.
  • Maps with up to 40004000 tiles known to work((Larger should work fine on sufficiently capable computers. WH limited to ~2 billion on most computers.))
  • Real-Time battle handling
  • Lua scripting system for the characters, items, and many parts of the system.
  • Trade system
  • Script-based crafting engine which allows easy implementation of custom crafting systems