Current state

Currently the Mana server knows 8 permission classes (player, tester, gm, developer, administrator and 3 reserved for future use). The permissions of every class are hardcoded.

Target state

To allow server administrators to decide their server management policy it should be possible to freely name the 8 available classes and define the extent of their permissions. The limitation of 8 classes should stay because it allows the economic and performant method of storing it in an 8 bit bitfield.


 <class level="1">
 <class level="2">
  <alias>Game Master</alias>
 <class level="3">
 <class level="8">


User with this class may perform this action. Action names starting with "@" are the corresponding @commands, those starting with "!" are other actions which are not performed with a command.


A user with this class may 'not' perform this action, even when it has other classes which allow it.


Alternative name for a class which can be used in the @giverightclass or @takerightclass