hair.xml and colors.xml

The colors.xml and hair.xml files are used to dynamically dye a sprite image (for characters hair, notably ) using a pre-defined dye channel.

Here is a description of the different parameters of this file:

Colors parameters

Here is a colors.xml file sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <color id="0" value="#8c4b41,da9041,ffffff" name="light brown"/>
  <color id="1" value="#06372b,489e25,fdedcc" name="green"/>
  <color id="2" value="#5f0b33,91191c,f9ad81" name="red"/>
  <color id="3" value="#602486,934cc3,fdc689" name="purple"/>
  <color id="4" value="#805e74,c6b09b,ffffff" name="gray"/>
  <color id="5" value="#8c6625,dab425,ffffff" name="yellow"/>
  <color id="6" value="#1d2d6d,1594a3,fdedcc" name="blue"/>
  <color id="7" value="#831f2d,be4f2d,f8cc8b" name="brown"/>
  <color id="8" value="#432482,584bbc,dae8e5" name="light blue"/>
  <color id="9" value="#460850,611967,e7b4ae" name="dark purple"/>
  <color id="10" value="#000000,202020,404040,dddddd" name="black"/>
Parameter Value type Description
id Integer Color ID used by the client for internally store the color.
name string Color name displayed in the client when necessary.
value string
(dye channel format)
Color channel using the format #\&lt;channel1\&gt;,\&lt;channel2\&gt;,\&lt;channel3\&gt;,…
See the dye System for more information.