GUI configuration

You’ll find below the files and options available in order to customize the Mana client’s GUI.

GUI Theme support

The Mana client is aimed at being a generic client, supporting the necessary branding functions for other maintainers. Hence, a GUI theming support has been added through the following branding option: guiThemePath. See the branding.xml page.

The above option permits to provide an alternate path to the gui files, thus making the client load a different skin set. The GUI theme path is relative to the data/ folder. Also, when GUI files are not found in the theme path, the default ones are used instead.

GUI Data handling

Here is a description of each required XML and PNG files used to set up the Mana client GUI:

File Description
XML files
graphics/gui/colors.xml The XML file defining each text and progress bars colour depending on the case.
graphics/gui/speechbubble.xml An XML file defining how to display speech bubbles in game.
graphics/gui/window.xml An XML file specifying how to display each GUI windows.
PNG files depending on a XML
graphics/gui/bubble.png The PNG file used by the default speechbubble.xml file.
graphics/gui/window.png The PNG file used by the default window.xml file.
PNG files with hard-coded parts
You won’t have the possibility to change those images placement as there is no configuration available for them.
Look at the default theme and place the same GUI part as in the default theme.
button.png Used to draw button at their default state.
buttonhi.png Used to draw buttons when highlighted.
buttonpress.png Used to draw button when they are pressed.
button_disabled.png Used to draw disabled buttons.
checkbox.png Used to draw check-boxes.
circle-gray.png Used to draw disabled leds. (Green dot presenting a on status, for instance. Used in the party window.)
circle-green.png Used to draw green leds.
close_button.png Used to draw the X close button.
deepbox.png Used to draw input text areas, player boxes, and similar.
hscroll_left_default.png Horizontal left arrow at default state.
hscroll_left_highlight.png Horizontal left arrow at highlight state.
hscroll_left_pressed.png Horizontal left arrow at pressed state.
hscroll_right_default.png Horizontal right arrow at default state.
hscroll_right_highlight.png Horizontal right arrow at highlight state.
hscroll_right_pressed.png Horizontal right arrow at pressed state.
vscroll_down_default.png Vertical down arrow at default state.
vscroll_down_highlight.png Vertical down arrow when highlighted.
vscroll_down_pressed.png Vertical down arrow when pressed.
vscroll_up_default.png Vertical up arrow at default state.
vscroll_up_highlight.png Vertical up arrow when highlighted.
vscroll_up_pressed.png Vertical up arrow when pressed.
vscroll_grey.png Progress bar at default state.
vscroll_highlight.png Progress bar when highlighted.
item_shortcut_bgr.png Item boxes background.
mouse.png Mouse different cursors.
progress-indicator.png Progress indicator’s different images.
radioin.png Activated radio button.
radioin_highlight.png Activated and highlighted radio button.
radioout.png Deactivated radio button.
radioout_highlight.png Deactivated and highlighted radio button.
resize.png The resize grip, seen at the windows’ bottom-right corner.
selection.png An item box when it is selected.
slider.png Slider button different parts.
slider_hilight.png Slider button different highlighted parts.
sticky_button.png Window sticky button, to keep a window on top of the others.
tab.png A tab at default state.
tabselected.png A selected tab at default state.
tab_hilight.png An highlighted tab at default state.
unknown-item.png The default image used when no image is found for the given item.