Manasource is a platform used by many independent teams to create their online world. While some make use of their freedom to fork and modify the Mana plattform to fit their individual needs others use the software in the default state and contribute to its development directly.

    Name Server comp((compatible with unmodified Manasource client)) Status Description
    The Mana World eA Yes playable (2010-03-24) The original (and currently most widely played) Manasource project
    The Mana World Mana Yes planning (2010-03-24 The new Mana World
    Invertika Mana Yes testing (2009-12-27) German project with a huge game world
    \<del\>Whispers of Avalon\</del\> Mana Yes dead (2012-01-31) A fantasy MMO aiming for a high graphical quality standard
    Aethyra eA No inactive (2009-12-27) Fork of The Mana World with laxer quality standards
    \<del\>The Alternate World\</del\> eA Yes dead (2012-02-26) Fork of The Mana World with laxer quality standards
    \<del\>Mundo Dos Dragões\</del\> Mana ? inactive (2009-12-27) Brazilian project based on Manasource
    \<del\>My Path Online\</del\> Mana ? dead (2010-03-24) A new fork focusing on the social elements of online gaming
    • Playable: There is a productive server with serious gameplay and administration
    • Testing: There is a test server but no real gameplay yet
    • Planning: There is no running server yet, but developers are currently working furiously behind the scenes to make one possible.
    • Inactive: No server, there doesn’t seem to be much progress at the moment, but the creator(s) promise that this is just a temporary situation.
    • Dead: The creators have given up on the game.