The effects.xml file is used to define status and magic particle effects seen around the character.

Here is a description of the different parameters of this file:

Effects parameters

Here is a effects.xml file sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <effect id="0" audio="sfx/system/levelup.ogg" particle="graphics/particles/levelup.particle.xml" />
  <effect id="1" audio="sfx/system/levelup.ogg" particle="graphics/particles/skillup.particle.xml" />
  <effect id="2" particle="graphics/particles/magic.generic.xml"/>
  <effect id="3" particle="graphics/particles/magic.white.xml"/> <!-- life -->
  <effect id="4" particle="graphics/particles/magic.black.xml"/> <!-- war -->
  <effect id="5" particle="graphics/particles/magic.red.xml"/> <!-- transmute -->
  <effect id="6" particle="graphics/particles/magic.green.xml"/> <!-- nature -->
  <effect id="7" particle="graphics/particles/magic.blue.xml"/> <!-- astral -->

Note: The client version < 0.6 are using the <being-effects> root node instead of the <effects> one. 0.6 clients are supporting the <being-effects> for backward compatibility.

Parameter Value type Description
id Integer Effect ID used by the client for internally store the effect.
audio string audio filename to be played when triggering the effect.
particle string Particle definition filename used to define how to play the particle effect when triggering it.