The config.xml file is auto-generated by the client when it doesn’t already exists to store setup data such as the application resolution, the bounded keys, … This file can be located at different locations, depending on your OS.

Configuration parameters

Here is a config.xml file sample:

<?xml version="1.0"? encoding="utf-8">
    <option name="opengl" value="false" />
    <option name="screenwidth" value="800" />
    <option name="screenheight" value="600" />
    <option name="fpslimit" value="60" />
    <!-- ... -->

Here is a description of each options you will be able to find in the config file:
Parameter Default value Description
Video options
opengl false Set whether OpenGL acceleration is used to play the game.
screenwidth 800 The screen width used while using the client.
screenheight 600 The screen height used while using the client.
screen false Set whether the client will start in fullscreen mode.
hwaccel false Set whether the client will try to use hardware acceleration in SDL mode.
OverlayDetail 2 Details of the overlay.
fpslimit 60 Set up the FPS limitation while in game.
EnableSync false Enable graphical vertical sync.
Sound options
sound false Set whether the sound will be enabled when starting the client.
sfxVolume 100 Set up the volume used for SFX. From 0 to 120.
musicVolume 60 Set up the volume used for the music. From 0 to 120.
Controls options
joystickEnabled false Set whether a joystick is usable while in game.
upTolerance 100 Set up the joystick’s up dead zone.
downTolerance 100 Set up the joystick’s down dead zone.
leftTolerance 100 Set up the joystick’s left dead zone.
rightTolerance 100 Set up the joystick’s right dead zone.
GUI options
theme ”” Store the preferred theme path.
guialpha 0.8f Set up the gui opacity. From 0.0f to 0.1f.
remember false Set whether the player account name will be remembered at next client start.
username ”” Store the player account name in case the remember option is set to true.
lastCharacter ”” Store the last used character name, for pre-selecting its slot at character selection level.
speechBubblecolor 000000 Color of speech bubbles.
speechBubblecolor 1.0f Opacity of speech bubbles. From 0.0f to 1.0f.
visiblenames true Set whether the characters’ name is displayed.
speech 000000 Color of speech text.
showgender false Set whether the gender of the character is displayed (right to the name.). Doesn’t display if the character’s name isn’t.
showMonstersTakedDamage false Set whether the total amount dealt to a monster is displayed right of its name.
logNpcInGui true When speaking to a NPC, set whether the whole discussion is stored in the window, or only the latest paragraph.
showpickupchat true Set whether a chat notification is displayed when picking up a floor item.
fontsize 11 Set up the client default font size.
ReturnToggles false Set up whether the enter key activate the chat window.
chatLogLength 0 Set up the chat log length in lines, in the chat window. 0 means keep everything.
whispertab false Set up whether a whisper tab is created when someone is whispering to you in game.
customcursor true Set whether a custom cursor can be used while playing the game.
showownname false Set whether the player’s character name is shown while in game.
Graphical options
particleMaxCount 3000 The maximum displayable particles. See here form more information.
particleFastPhysics 0 Set whether to use faster but uglier physics for particles. See here form more information.
particleEmitterSkip 1 Set whether particles emitter can be skipped. See here form more information.
particleeffects true Set whether particles effects are shown while in game.
showpickupparticle false Set whether a particle effect is shown when picking up a floor item.
ScrollLaziness 16 Set up scroll laziness while walking, making the window scroll not immediately when the character is moving.
ScrollRadius 0 Set up scroll radius (or dead zone) while when the character is moving.
ScrollCenterOffsetX 0 Set up scroll X (horizontal) offset. At 0, the character is centered horizontally on the screen.
ScrollCenterOffsetY 0
ScrollRadius 0 Set up scroll radius (or dead zone) while when the character is moving.
Network options
MostUsedServerNameX 0: The most used server list. X is replaced by numbers.
updatehost ”” Stores the last used update host.
onlineServerList ”” Store the official server list url.
download-music false Set whether the music update data type is to be downloaded.
System options
logToStandardOut false Set whether the log will be displayed in the standard output.
screenshotDirectory ”” Stores a custom screenshot directory.
usescreenshotDirectorySuffix true Set whether to add a suffix to the custom screenshot directory.
screenshotDirectorySuffix ”” The screenshot directory suffix to use if usescreenshotDirectorySuffix is set to true.