The Mana client has the following features and capabilities:


  • Consists entirely of free, open source software
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and several other operating systems((MacOS is officially unsupported for now. We need an OSX developer.))
  • Can download content updates from the web
  • Support for custom branding
  • Capable of connecting to different game worlds
  • Support for a modified eAthena server (named Tmw-eAthena) and the Mana server

Graphic engine

  • OpenGL support
  • Variable screen resolution
  • Maps with up to 40004000 tiles known to work((Larger should work fine on sufficiently capable computers. WH limited to ~2 billion on most computers.))
  • Virtually unlimited((over 2 billion on most computers)) map layers
  • Support for extra high tiles for easy mapping of fringe objects
  • Unlimited((over 2 billion on most computers)) number of foreground and background images with configurable parallax, auto, and fixed scrolling.
  • 32 bit colors with alpha transparency
  • Recoloring of graphics at runtime
  • Support for animated tiles
  • Powerful particle engine
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Very flexible sprite system
  • Pixel-accurate movement((only on the Mana server, not on eAthena))
  • TrueType Font rendering with Unicode support ((extent of Unicode support depends on the font file used))

Input system

  • Nearly all keyboard shortcuts are user-customizable
  • Basic joystick support
  • Move/attack/interact with keyboard or mouse