The branding.mana file is to be given to the mana client binary on the command line, and is used to customize it in many ways, explained below:

E.g: $./mana my_branding_file.mana

Branding parameters

Here is a branding.mana file sample:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <option name="appName" value="Manasource"/>
 <option name="appShort" value="Mana"/>
 <option name="appIcon" value="icons/mana"/>
 <option name="loginMusic" value="login.ogg"/>
 <option name="onlineServerList" value=""/>
 <option name="defaultServer" value=""/>
 <option name="defaultPort" value="9601"/>
 <option name="defaultServerType" value="manaserv"/>
 <option name="defaultUpdateHost" value=""/>
 <option name="font" value="fonts/dejavusans.ttf" />
 <option name="boldFont" value="fonts/dejavusans-bold.ttf" />
 <option name="theme" value="wood" />
 <option name="guiThemePath" value="graphics/gui/" />
 <option name="wallpapersPath" value="graphics/images/" />
 <option name="wallpaperFile" value="login_wallpaper.png" />
Parameter Default value Description
appName Manasource Application full name
appShort Mana Application short name
appIcon - Client icon file to load at startup. Note that the filename given has no extension. This is because the file loaded depends on the OS:
For instance, with the `icons/mana` value, the `icons/mana.png` file will be loaded on Linux/Unices/BSD systems, and the `icons/mana.ico` will be loaded on Windows systems.
**Windows:** The .ico file must be 64x64 pixels wide.
**Mac:** Currently, mac .icns files can only be loaded through the configuration of the `Info.plist` file present in the source root directory of the client.
loginMusic - Music played at client startup
onlineServerList The [serverlist.xml]( file downloaded by the client at startup to get the server list.
defaultServer Default server name or IP, when not specified in [serverlist.xml](
defaultPort 9601 Default server port to connect to, when not specified in [serverlist.xml](
defaultServerType tmwathena Default protocol type used by servers, when not specified in [serverlist.xml](
defaultUpdateHost Update hostname or IP where the client should download update data files before entering the selected world.
font fonts/dejavusans.ttf Default client font (TTF format).
boldFont fonts/dejavusans-bold.ttf Default bold font.
theme normal Default theme subfolder used to load the client window skin and font colors. See the [GUI configuration](gui_configuration) page for more information.
guiThemePath graphics/gui/ Default theme folder. See the [GUI configuration](gui_configuration) page for more information.
wallpapersPath graphics/images/ Default wallpaper path. See the [wallpapers page](wallpaper) for more information.
wallpaperFile login_wallpaper.png Default wallpaper file. See the [wallpapers page](wallpaper) for more information.

N.B.: The branding parameters are overriden by other options given on the command line. For instance: $./mana --port 8741 branding.mana This application call will set the default port to 8741, and not the value given in the branding.mana file.